Saturday, April 16, 2011

What A Little Spray Paint Can Do!

My husband and I purchased our first home in August of 2010.  With the move, I completely changed my decor style and colors.  The changes meant that many of my previous decor items would no longer work in my new home!  With the help and advice of a very great friend (Thanks, Rachel!), we began designing the decor and transforming many of my prior decor items so that they would work in our new space.  Many of the projects were possible with a little spray paint. 



This lamp was maroon/gold prior to white spray paint.

The transformed wall art and lamp in the guest bedroom.

This cross was gold prior to being transformed with white spray paint.

I also had several items that meant something to me, however did not coordinate with my decor therefore had never been incorporated with my decor.  With a little spray paint, these items were also able to become part of our space.

My mom passed this flower pot along to me.  She received it following the loss of my Granddaddy and thought I may be able to put it to good use. 

With a little white spray paint, it now sits on my front porch and is a reminder of my Granddaddy! :)

This pitcher is one of the small treasures that was once my late Granny's.  I knew I would be able to incorporate it into my decor in some way.  

With a little spray paint, it now sits on my kitchen counter as a daily reminder of my Granny! :)

It is important when spray painting to purchase the type of spray paint appropriate for the material you are painting (believe me, I've learned from my mistakes!)

Happy spray painting and I hope to hear about some of your transformations!

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  1. Carrie, I love the way you took items that were important to you...but didn't necessarily match, and you worked them into your home beautifully! I'm about to take on a project with an old window that was in our home when it was purchased. The window is going to be hung above our couch. Right now it has peeling/chipping paint...which is probably lead paint. I plan to pressure wash or sand it down and then transform it with paint. Hopefully we can take it to future homes as a reminder of all the hard work we put into our starter home! I love seeing all of the before and after pictures! Keep posting...and more often!!