Friday, June 10, 2011

Do It Youself (And To Your Taste) Wall Decor

When it came time to decorate my bedroom, the thought of having a very large wall space to fill haunted me several times.  I just did not know how I wanted to fill the space.  I had seen several variations of the same type of project in blog land previously and always wanted to use the idea in my house in some way.  I decided that I would create my own variation for my bedroom.

Scrapbook Paper
Spray Adhesive
Distress Ink

First, I used my distress ink and patted the edges of the canvas with a paper towel.

Then, I sprayed each canvas piece with the spray adhesive.

Once each piece has been sprayed, I place the pieces of scrapbook paper (be sure they are cut to fit prior to putting them on your canvas).  Smooth paper to be sure all wrinkles are removed.

Finished project:

This project can be completed specifically to meet your needs. Determine the size of canvas, number of canvas pieces, and color/combination of scrapbook pieces appropriate for your space and
Do It Yourself!
Be sure to come back and share your own wall decor projects with us!

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